Branch libraries

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Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences Library
The Library came into existence in the year 2007 following the establishment of the Faculties of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine. The Library started operation from the premises of the Projects Coordinating Unit (PCU) at Sheda, Abuja. The Library then moved to the Main Campus in 2012 following the movement of the students and staff. The Library is headed by Miss Helen Emmanuel (Librarian II) and the other staff are Mr. John Moneke (Higher Library Officer), and Mal. Yusuf Salihu (Library Assistant). The Library holding is over 1,855 volumes including books, reports and journals.

College of Health Sciences library
The Library is headed by Dr. A. J. Egnunu (Librarian I). The other staff are Mr. Jackson Out (Assistant Librarian), Mrs. Aminu Saadatu (Assistant Library Oficer) and Mal. Mamuda Yaken (Senior Library Assistant). The Medical Library came into existence in 2007 following the establishment of the College of Health Sciences. The Library commenced operation from the School of Nursing premises at the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital Gwagwalada, Abuja. The Library moved to the University Main Campus in 2012. The total number of the Library holding is 1855 volumes, including books and journals.

Faculty of Engineering Library
The Library was established in the year 2012 with its holdings of 2,308 books, 250 volumes of reference materials and 400 volumes of journals. The library can accommodate 41 readers. Mr. Attahir Isa, S. (Librarian 1) heads the Library with the assistance of other Staff who include Mr. John Inegbenoghu (Library Officer) and Mr. Ogbobe Ifeanyi.

Centre for Distance Learning and Continuing Education Library, Kado
The CDL and CE Library at Kado is in the process of being established. The books acquired so far are 30 volumes. The reading tables and chairs have also been purchased. We are still awaiting the installation of shelves.

The Kado Library is meant to support the academic needs of the students of the Centre for Distance Learning and Continuing Education, especially the Diploma and MBA students who hold their lectures there.

Law Library
The Law Library is headed by Barrister Isa I. Afegbua (Librarian I) and the other Staff include Mr. S.A. Ashe (Principal Library Officer), Mr. Michael Ekoja (Library Assistant), Mrs. Dogara Rahila (Library Officer) and Mrs. Esther Olore Ben (Portress 1).

The Library can accommodate 210 readers. The book collection of the Law Library is over 15, 716 while the journal holding is 174 titles with a total of 3612. There is also an e-library with 30 computers that has subscription to LexisNexis, Law Pavilion, Ebrary databases along with other free and open databases that are listed in the Digital Library section on this site.