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On behalf of staff and students of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Abuja, I would like to welcome you all to the Faculty of Engineering


The Senate of the University at its 92nd regular meeting held on 27th October, 2004 approved the establishment of the Faculty of Engineering with effect from the 2005/2006 academic session. The academic activities commenced with initial intake of eight (8) and nine (9) undergraduate (100-level) students into the Departments of Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering respectively in that session. The Departments of Chemical and Electrical Engineering commenced academic activities in the 2006/2007 session. Due to poor facilities then, the four (4) programmes failed both the Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC) and COREN Accreditations, which led to the stoppage of admission into these programmes. Hence, with effect from 2010/2011 session no candidate was admitted into any of the four (4) programmes. Subsequently, the Senate farmed out 300 and 400 level students of the Faculty to various Universities. The 500 level students were sent to the Federal University of Technology(FUT), Minna for one year intensive training. They returned and had their results approved by the Senate.

Accreditation Status
Following the Resource Verification by the NUC in November, 2012, approval was granted by the NUC to establish Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Programmes without prejudice to the existing students.
The Faculty then admitted eighty (80) fresh students to the four (4) approved Programmes for the 2014/2015 Session. The NUC Accreditation visit of November, 2014 yielded Interim Accreditation for the four (4) Departments and that of COREN in March 2015 gave full accreditation to Departments of Chemical and Civil Engineering and interim accreditation to Electrical/Electronics and Mechanical Engineering Departments.
This was due to tremendous work done to address the issues and challenges that led to the failed accreditation previously.

Present Condition of Faculty

Manpower Development:
The Faculty has recruited more Academic Staff in various fields of specialization as full time staff, visiting or on pro bono basis. A great number of Faculty staff have either acquired their PhDs or are in the process of acquiring it. More recruitment is envisaged with increased student enrolment.
There is now a Faculty based Library which stock current and up to date materials (books, journals, periodicals etc.) aside the Main University Library. There is also an e-library facility.

The Faculty has been able to create more space and also procured and installed Laboratory equipment for students’ practicals and research for the four (4) Programmes. The equipment are very new and modern.

The Faculty now has a Central Workshop which services the four (4) Programmes. The workshop has the machining/fitting shop and the welding/fabrication shop among others.

Staff Office Accommodation:
Staffs are being accommodated in the first wing of the Engineering Complex. The second wing is under construction and when completed will accommodate more staff, classrooms, lecture theatre and other ancillaries.

A total of one hundred and twenty (120) students were admitted in the 2014/2015 session and one hundred and sixty (160) in the current 2015/2016 session.

Computer Room:
The Faculty has a dedicated Computer Room/Laboratory.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU):
The University is strategically located (in the country’s capital). In line with this, the Faculty has signed MoUs with a number of related Organizations, Government Agencies and Companies; these include NARSDA, ECN, NASENI, AFIT (Kaduna) etc.


To enhance exposure and improve the capacity of staff and students, the Faculty will like to enter into fruitful linkages with other reputable Institutions and Industries, including those abroad. We look forward to linkages that can result into staff exchanges, sponsorship to International Conferences, procurement of current and reputable academic journals, books, softwares, etc. Linkages that give opportunities to workshops and staff training will be appreciated.

The second wing of the Faculty Complex presently under construction was donated by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). The Faculty is still very much open for more of such donations. This is in view of the Faculty vision to establish more programmes in the near future.
Laboratory and Workshop Equipment
Though the University had recently procured new equipment, the Faculty is still open to more. Equipment in the four (4) Departments and in envisaged new programmes is solicited.

Postgraduate studies
Presently, academic staff of the Faculty are admitted for Postgraduate Studies in other Universities. The Faculty has a plan to introduce Postgraduate Studies in the four (4) Departments. The proposal for this has been approved by the University Senate. We are hoping to commence admission before the end of 2016.




Engr. Professor O.B. Oloche,
Dean, Faculty of Engineering

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