We are delighted that you have chosen to pursue a degree in Business Administration; this will go a long way in contributing to the existing knowledge in the areas of Business Administration and Management. As we look forward to working with you, and learning from your experiences in the next few years, we welcome you on board and pledged to provide quality teaching and research under a conducive learning environment. We want to assure you that the Business Administration programs and courses are constantly under review and revision in line with the National Universities Commission Benchmarks Minimum Academic Standards (BMASS).

The department is committed to high quality and continuous improvement. We will expect the same from you. If you are up to the challenge, you will find that the Business Administration programme in the University of Abuja is an excellent first step in what we hope is a long and successful business career. The department comes from around the corner and around the world with erudite scholars that can help shape your business ideas and orientations in a strategic manner through the use of diverse set of knowledge, managerial skills and abilities which we have been noted for, over the years.

However, you may take the time to get to know your eminent lecturers by knowing where they grew up, where they worked, where they went to school and their areas of specialization; we believe you will be glad you did, you can peruse through their profiles as highlighted in the web page.

We have provided adequate information to help guide students in completing program requirements and smoothing your way through the many hurdles associated with the pursuit of your education. The website provides an an important academic information about the programme of the department including courses, course allocation course description, academic staff profiles, examination conducted and other related issues.


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