Computer Center


The University has set up, as a matter of priority, a Computer Center that is well equipped to provide computing facilities to support teaching, research, consultancy and administrative activities for all Units in the University. Appropriate modern hardware and software as well as highly skilled personnel are being made available to the Center to enable it meet the diverse needs of its customers. The Center is charged with the responsibility of making the University community computer-literate. In addition, it will offer its services to commercial houses and private individuals and organizations in order to generate revenue. The Center handles all activities relating to information and communication technology (ICT) of the University.


To develop a robust ICT infrastructure and corresponding services to facilitate the teaching, learning, research and administrative functions of the University, and support the realization of the strategic objectives of the University.

Mission Statement

To equip members of the University staff, academic and non-academic, with requisite ICT skills and tools to enable them carry out their functions effectively and to the highest standards possible; and to create a learning atmosphere suffused with technological innovations that will ensure that the University produces graduates that can function well in the information society and work place.

Strategic Directions

To encourage the use of ICTs to transform the modes of operation in all aspects of the University life in order to move in line with the best practices in universities around the world;
To build a robust campus-wide network, including faculty networks, to connect all members of staff on the campus for collaborative work;
To create a flexible and mixed learning mode that will make it possible for students to access learning materials and other resources in an interactive manner on various digital devices;
To foster innovative use of ICTs to facilitate world class research and support creativity in the students of the University;
To use technological and other resources to provide regular and up-to-date training for staff to enable them effectively utilize Information Technology (IT) in all aspects of their work;
To create a data centre for the storage of shareable resources such as databases, academic collections, online course materials as well as administrative documents and forms; and
To encourage the production of high quality academic contents that can be exposed to the outside world over networks such as the Nigerian Education and Research Network (ngREN) and make it possible for staff to access contents available on such academic networks.

Our Staff