Center for Corruption Studies

Center for corruption Studies

The increase dimension of corruption in the developing nations and the devastating effects to the country well being, international image and investment continue to be a major policy concern to successive government. The new administration identified corruption as the No I National Challenge that must be addressed. Indeed corruption has long been pervasive in Nigeria.

Inspite of the effort of the Obasanjo administration (1999-2007) on Anti-corruption Billwhich was the first bill sent by the administration to National Assembly, and efforts of the succeeding administrations, a cursory study of the law show that the law was no more than a hotchpotch of extant statutes on corruption in Nigeria, with little or no regard for the clarity and effectiveness in dealings with the problem of corruption. ICPC and EFCC are overwhelmed with increasing cases on corruption across all sectors.

The Center for Corruption Studies is established to help address one of the critical gaps and weakest link on corruption by solely devoting itself to rigorous intellectual and practical study of the phenomenon. Experience has shown that for policies to succeed and be sustained, they need knowledge framework and need to be constantly subjected to in-depth analysis and critical review. This is one of the major goals of CSS with regard to the fight against corruption in Nigeria and developing nations.